Manara Metal Industry

Manara Metal Industry provides a wide array of business, includes the assembling, breaking up, sorting, and wholesale distribution of scrap and metal waste materials.

We apply our own ways to get the copper and the copper alloy fabricated products from materials to precise workpiece. Workshop facility stationed in Dammam Industrial Area.




The main focus of Manara Metal Industry will be including but not limited to the recycle of Non-Ferrous metals, Copper, Aluminum and Lead using both manual and semi-automatic process. Our services cover Gulf countries and other Regions as well.



  • Our services include:
Industrial Scrap Metal Buyers:

We work with manufacturing facilities and purchase the by-product of their production.


Demolition Metal Scrap:

We purchase the metal that is salvaged from your demolition projects.


Scrap Metal Services for Tradesmen:

We can handle all of scrap metal service needs of Plumbers, Electricians, Construction Companies and more.


Scrap Metal Services for Homeowners:

We buy scraps from a home owner who recently had their plumbing replaced to a farmer with old broken equipment they've retired.


Municipality Scrap Metal Buyers:

We work closely with municipalities to provide an orderly flow of scrap metal from residents.

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