Manara Industrial Supply

Manara Industrial Supply provides abroad range of solutions and highest quality products of Hydraulic, Phonematic, Wiring, Electrical and Tools for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water, Energy, Power, Construction and Industrial markets.





Manara Industrial Supply consists of 6 major business units as follows:
  • Hydraulics products and solutions.
  • Pneumatics products and solutions.
  • Wires products and solutions.
  • Tools supply.
  • Electrical supply.
  • Filtration solutions.
  • Torc Wrenches.

  • Flange Spreaders.






Hydraulics products and solutions:

We at Manara Industrial Supply provide wide range of the Hydraulic

solutions needed for all stages of the industrial cycle. We maintain

our quality products to fulfill the needs of each manufacturer

with the best and reliable solution as follows:

  • Valves (controller): Both Solenoid valves and Proportional valves
  • Vane pumps (oil intake): Vane Cartridge
  • Hand pumps.
  • Power unit.
  • Pullbush jack
  • Mechanical tools
  • Cylinders
Pneumatics products and solutions.

 Manara Industrial Supply provides full array of pneumatic products and solutions:


  • ISO 1992 (moving, actuator, Standard)
  • Comeback cylinder.
  • Mini cylinder.
  • Guide cylinder.
  • Roadless cylinder.
  • Micro valve (message).
  • Solon ate valves.
  • Leaver valves.
  • Banal – mount – valves.
  • Stackable valve.
  • ISO valve (High flow valve).
  • Filter
  • Regulator
  • Lubricat
  • Complete fittings.
  • Pneumatic tubes

Wires products and solutions.

Manara Industrial Supply offers full array of wire solutions that can fit industrial, construction and marine needs. Our products are tailored according to your specifications. We provide custom engineered, highest performance steel crane ropes in world. Our products assure you the most advanced performance steel ropes at lower cost. We also provide you with a very well-developed aftermarket support programs along with Inventory, training seminars, dedicated technical experts.

  • Types of Wires offered:
    • Steel Rope: Used for Cranes (Mobile, Tower and Lifting).   
    • Synthetic Rope: light, compact and corrosion resistant rope for Industrial, construction and marine markets.
    • Specialty Wires: Yarns application and others
  • Target areas of Wires:
    • Wires for Construction
    • Wires for Fishing
    • Wires for Heavy Industry                                                                          
    • Wires for Maritime
    • Wires for Mining                                  
    • Wires for Original Equipment Manufacturers OEM
    • Wires for Oil & Gas
    • Wires for Architectural-Structures
Tools supply:

Manara Industrial Supply provide you with the best tools needed within the construction, Industrial, Mining and Oil &Gas market.  We provide you with:                                

  • Power tools.
  • Hand tools.
  • Outdoor Equipment.
  • Other accessories.






Electrical supply:

Manara Industrial Supply provides Sensors, Fuses, Controls and Process products and equipment.








Filtration solutions:

Refineries, gas processing, and production facilities around the world depend on 3M Purification advanced filtration technologies for efficient contaminant reduction and superior equipment protection. 3M Purification products significantly lower production costs while helping to provide the highest quality, contaminant-reduced final product. From well head to final product blending, 3M Purification leads the way in Oil & Gas filtration solutions.

  • Our main scope includes but not limited                                          
    • Depth Filter Cartridges.
    • Surface Filter Cartridges.
    • Charge Modified Filter Cartridges.
    • Large Diameter Cartridges, Bag Filters and Specialty Systems.
    • Metal Cartridges.
    • Industrial Filter Housings.











Torc Wrench & Flange Spreader

Manara Industrial Supply provide you with the best Torc Wrenches  

and Flange Spreaders needed within the construction, Industrial,

Mining and Oil &Gas market.  We provide you with:

  • Torc Wrenches
  • Flange Spreaders
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