Manara Energy

 Manara Energy specialized in providing innovative solution to enhance power consumption. Our solutions cover LED Lighting, LED Innovative display boards and advanced solutions for Renewable Energy. Our scope of work covers facility survey, system upgrading, long term services, consultation and more.



Manara Energy consists of three major business units as follows:

  • LED lighting solutions (Outdoor / Indoor).
  • LED Display boards (Outdoor/ Indoor).
  • Renewable Energy.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Energy is derived from natural processes. However, the renewable energy is demonstrating its capacity

to deliver cost reductions. It has become cost-competitive in an increasingly broad range of circumstances and technologies such as wind turbines, Solar controllers,

power inverters and many others which are becoming rapidly alternative energy resources, and we continue this rapid expansion of renewable

energy by utilizing smart technologies, investing in improvements to the electricity system to move the world towards a clean energy future.

Intelligent and efficient power transmission is the key to the highly reliable and safe supply of energy.

MANARA, with its partner work with essential technological tools, provides adequate attention to the client and ensures professional efficiency.


  • Renewable Energy solutions are suitable for use in different applications:
    • Rural electrification.                                                 
    • Water Pumping.
    • Grid connection.
    • Telecom
  • Our main scope includes but not limited to:

o   Wind Turbines.

o   Inverters.

o   Solar Panels

o   Battery Monitors.

o   Solar Regulators

o   Grid Connection Inv.

o   Battery Chargers.

o   Consumption











LED Lighting Solutions

Most advanced lighting technology with Healthy and Economical Solutions. Our products features allow us to provide you with a remarkable product.                                                      

  • LED Outdoor Applications:
    • Street lights & infrastructure
    • Car Parks
    • Pipelines
    • Sport Grounds
    • Gas Station
    • Oil & Gas application
  • LED Indoor Applications:
    • Culture & Education
    • Offices
    • Shopping Centre
    • Health Care
    • Industrial
    • Warehouses






 LED Display boards

 Our LED displays can be used either Indoor or Outdoor and can present some colored dots up to full video. Also, we present a very significant LED display for Sport fields, Sign board, huge Building mirror show and other type of   Advertisement Display.






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